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  • Smash Suppa Awesome Fan54321

    Smash Games are awesome. This blog will tell you my favourite, what I like about, etc.

    For the real answer, Wii U is my favourite, followed by Brawl, 3DS, Melee, and then N64. I have never played Project M. before though...

    SSB Wii U: My favourite Smash game, this game is a lot of fun, played a tremendous amount of it, over 2000 matches, etc. The character selection is the same as the Nintendo 3DS Version and IS the best in the series, and the 4 of Us Network play Online after school, work, etc. I did think there were a few flaws, such as the game didn't feature the music I loved in Brawl and Melee. The graphics look amazing, and the Stage Builder is better and more improved. The stages are really cool, and Mario Galaxy is probably my favour…

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