The best GFAQS user EVER!!! This Guy is suppa awesome!

SmashFan54321 is a pro gamer and his best friend is Mariofan16 who shares a lot in common. To anyone reading this, STOP SAYING THAT HE IS MARIOFAN16'S ALT.!!!!

SmashFan54321 is a Level 31 Veteran User on GameFAQs. He is disliked by BieberFuglyNinja and SuperFuglyman154. He owns: A 3DS, Wii, Wii U, PlayStation4, PlayStation2, etc. And has played the GameCube.

His favourite game is Super Mario Galaxy 2. He plays Mario to Zelda to SSB, Nintendo to Call of Duty, etc.

He has a brother and loves to play SSB with Mariofan16 and Luigifan16.

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